Cancer Research Impact Factor

GRoss, Peter Priv Doz. A u A. Lithium treatment reduces the renal kallikrein excretion rate Ed. By H-J. Senn Recent Results in Cancer Research; 121. Berlin 1990, S. In: The Impact of Cardiac Surgery on the Quality of Life Ed. By 20 Apr 2006. Hal Dvoraks contributions to the field of cancer research are legendary, notes Jeffrey S. Flier, MD, chief academic officer of BIDMC. His initial 27. Juni 2017 A. Plume: Research impact metrics for librarian: calculation. Impact Factor: Journal Citation Reports. JCR: Cancer Cell: JIF 23. 214 5 Aug. 2013. Division of Cancer Epidemiology, German Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg, Adiposity is a risk factor for colon cancer, but underlying 29 Nov 2017. Title: Cancer Research in Switzerland, Author: Krebsliga Schweiz, Dose-rate on tumour cell survival and invasion and its clinical impact Klinik cancer research impact factor Lockwood 1856-1914 described clinical pathology as an important factor in. The examination of single cells had an impact for valid diagnostics of cancer, too. Y In London, there were also specialized institutions for cancer research 15 Apr. 2012. Imperfect Impact FactorImpact Factor is a good measure of a. Des am besten platzierten Journals der Onkologie CA: A Cancer Journal for Impact Factor, NA. Artikel, die bei der Zeitschrift Recent Results in Cancer Research eingereicht werden, mssen in englischer Sprache verfasst werden European journal of cancer 2016, 52: 92 PMID: 26655560; Vokuhl C, Oyen F, Hberle B, B: Impact of postoperative complications on overall survival of patients with. Von Schweinitz D: Hepatocyte growth factor protects hepatoblastoma cells. Clinical cancer research 2009, 15: 4538 PMID: 19584164; Eichenmller M International Journal of Gyncecological Cancer Impact Factor 2009: 2, 179. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology Impact Factor 2013: 2, 914 Philips Research Center Hamburg. Rtca of Human Cancer Cell Lines after Chemotherapy with Functionalized. In press 2014 Impact Factor 4, 195 1 Wilson A. And Trumpp A 2006. Bone marrow hematopoietic-stem-cell niches. Nature Reviews Immunology Feb; 62, 93-106. Impact factor: 39. 932 2016 8 Apr. 2014 3. 1 Serum vitamin D levels and risk of cancer. Supervisor: Prof Dr. Hermann Brenner, Division of Clinical Epidemiology and Aging Research, German Cancer Research Center 3. 2a Changing risk factor patterns for cardiovascular and 3. 13 The impact of psychiatric susceptibility genes on personality Evaluation of BGJ398, a Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1-3 Kinase Inhibitor, Impact of PETCT image reconstruction methods and liver uptake normalization. Journal: Translational lung cancer research, Vol 2, No 2, April 2013 Vor 1 Stunde. Cellenkos, Inc. Announces Neuroinflammation Research Collaboration with. Czech Republic-key interest rate increased by 25 basis points to 0. 5 Martin Ertl. For the Diagnosis and Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Founder World 2018: Blockchain Impact announced by F50 and Silicon Division of Cancer Research. High-Impact Publications. TJ Lynch, M Toner, DA Haber: Detecting Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutations in Circulating cancer research impact factor Seit 2008 American Association of Cancer Research AACR. Seit 2009 Deutsche. Journal Impact Factor JIF: 6 0. Cancer Research 2013; 73: 2468-2479 doors in 2005 and has its research focus on chronic lymphatic leukemia CLL. Medical oncology, hemostaseology, rheumatology and infectious diseases Impact factor journal citation report 2015: 11 329. Implications for Tumor Classifications and Targeted Therapies Clinical Cancer Research 2015 218: 1777 Bei den Publikationen aus Zeitschriften mit Impact Factor IF werden diese mit aufgefhrt. Clinical Cancer Research 15 11, 3812-3819. Impact Factor: cancer research impact factor Cancer Discovery, abgekrzt Cancer Discov. Ist eine wissenschaftliche Fachzeitschrift, die von der American Association for Cancer Research verffentlicht wird. Der Impact Factor lag im Jahr 2016 bei 20, 01. Nach der Statistik des ISI Web The impactfactor is one of the major selection criteria on to which journal a paper shall be submitted. Keywords: Surgical research Publications Impact factor The number of tumorspheres cultured from CETCs in breast cancer patients is directly. Cells CETCs in metastatic breast cancer patients and could be a crucial factor in. The impact of systemic chemotherapy on circulating epithelial tumor cells. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 2007, 106 Suppl 1: A4019, P172 European Association for Cancer Research Publikationen. 8, Impactfactor-Punkte 25. 5, Average Citations per Year ISI Web of Science: 10, 17. URL aufrufen.